Shallow Remains

by Bloody Gears

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released March 23, 2016

Recorded by Ryan at Side Two Studios; Boston, MA, 2012-2015

Ryan: d; Rob: b; Jeff g/v

our mouths / our graves

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Bloody Gears Boston, Massachusetts

Bloody Gears was a punk band from Boston 2009-2013

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Track Name: Dive Down
Dive down as deep as I go before I end up down at the bottom. Nothing can drown at the bottom. Think back as far as I know before I proceed to the bottom, learning to feed from the bottom. Tracing my certain decline down to the bottom line.

I thought that I had seen the light, but I never even opened up my eyes. For I only now realize dive down, hit bottom.

Drink through my watery lungs, drink-in this void. Here is our falling apart, hearing the beat of my heart sounding the way to the bottom. This is my only doubt before the bottom dropped out.
Track Name: The Stain
Look to the sky. The scattered moments of our lives descend like sudden rain. Does no one feel the same? Grow safe, grow warm, but know that the coming storm won't wash this path away. Does no one feel the same?

The wound unhealed grows dark and grows to steal the blood from in our veins. Does no one feel the same? When the light goes out, the shadow remains. Does no one feel the same?

We learn to turn our eyes away and bleed into the stain.
Any price is such an easy one to pay.
Bleed into the stain.
Track Name: The Killing Song
Before the end, before the silence fell, we gathered here like lost dead souls approaching the gates of hell. To stand amid the throng and hear the victory song.

This is the sound of everything we've won. This is their bones snapping in time to the meter of our pumping blood. This is vultures in the sky, a hooded figure standing by, the madmen singing out the killing song.

Between each line a false eternity appears, and now the sirens' ceaseless scream resounds like music in our ears. It swells to a reprise, we've come to recognize the madmen singing out the killing song.

After the end, after the silence fell we gather here like lost dead souls approaching the gates of hell. To blend in with the throng, to sing our victory song.

Sing along.
Track Name: Suspicious Activity
Something is wrong. Some things never feel right.
Something lurking in the shadows. Shadows move in the dead of night.
Figures rush on every side and they won't look me in the eye.
I've lost my place in this fucking world and now there's nowhere I feel safe anymore.

Suspicious Activity

Now I see them everywhere, I've been calling in threats.
Scars displayed on the walls of my room; somehow it all connects.
I followed one this evening, down through the maze of the city streets,
but he lost me (or I lost myself). Don't think I'll ever find my way home.

Suspicious Activity

Some things are wrong. I've never felt right.
I've been lurking in the shadows. I've been living in the dead of night.
I've been walking now for hours. I've never left this cage.
Lock the door, kill the lights. Don't want to see the mess that you've made.
Track Name: Ghost
You walk the streets at night all alone.
Each door you pass looks just like your own.
Try your key in every lock, only it never turns.
Pursue me through a hallway of mirrors,
and every time my image appears
you try to smash them all away.
But you're the only one who breaks.

You walk these streets I've tread before;
fall like a shadow behind me.
You make mistakes I've made before.
I am your idiot corpse and you are my ghost.

I wake up wrapped in bloody sheets.
From in the walls you're laughing at me,
Can't remember anything / I don't want to believe.
They sentence me to life again, and
everyday I'll be dying for your sin.
but despite your great escape we will never be free.

You walk these streets at night all alone.
Each door you pass looks just like your own.
You never had a home. You are my ghost.
Track Name: Burial Hymn
It took so long; corrosion
spilled ink that spreads over everything
dried blood, cracked plaster
cracked peals of our brittle laughter

we're rotting out from the inside
can't feel our city collapse in
when the chain swings back
already buried in our decay

build and rebuild the new ruins
compromise below the foundation
when the ground below gives way
rejoice, embrace the falling sensation

bury your voice and sing
down with bones down with dirt
bury your voice, your mouth's a grave
our mouths our graves so we can taste the decay

it took so long; spilled ink that spreads over everything
a white wave that swallows up everything
our mouths our graves to taste the end
Track Name: Disengage
It's just little bit further, but it all looks dead ahead.
Disengage, drift out of phase.
To weigh less than nothing, to be bourn on acrid wind,
a brittle husk of some shed, dead, discarded skin.
Time in waves breaks over her, washed up on some stagnant shore.


Now he's broken every mirror that dared to look her way.
And no one's seen her through the lattice of shattered veins.
He watched her gaze go empty, the color drained from her eyes.
Bringing corpses in their tides, the new moons rise.
Grey clouds pass before the stars; faces veiled by angry scars.

Try to break away.
Try to let go.

It's just a little bit closer, but the lines have all gone dead.
The signal fades, fall out of range.
To say less than nothing, to spit into frozen wind,
to make a sound and be hurt again.
Time is broken then it's gone.
Trying so hard to hold on.